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There are many reasons to select us for long and short runs when it comes to custom CNC machining for tool making, model making and prototyping. We commonly machine plastics, tool steels and other metals for clients across the entire United States. All of our machining centers are late model American made machines which insure a level of accuracy & compatibility while limiting down time. We understand the urgency of timely machining and are small enough to perform with a standard of precise productions.

CNC plasma & Oxy-fuel cutting table -


2011 Hypertherm Hyspeed 130 amp O2 plasma cuts up to 1 1/8” plate with the plasma and cuts 5”+ with the torch. 6' x 12' table size. We commonly cut frame members here prior to welding, bending or machining. Our maximum material weight is about 5000lbs.

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