Logistically speaking we are conveniently located directly off the freeway at the Hwy 64 and Hwy 53 exit just north of Bloomer WI. Ready to ship anywhere in the Continental United States.



Specializing in Providing High Quality Products to Leading industries at the Lowest Prices Possible.








Construction: We provide the construction industry with anything from beams and staircases, to gert clips and custom door skins. Our on-site capabilities also allow us to install most of the parts we produce if needed.

Oil & Gas: Bloomer Machine & Fabrication provides the Oil & Gas industry with a wide array of parts including intricate machined parts, and large weldments such as work enclosures and part baskets, frames, and gear cases.

Manufacturing:  Hydraulic Tanks, Maintenance replacement parts, work benches, custom fixtures, and entire assembly lines. Bloomer Machine has been fully servicing the manufacturing world for nearly 20 years. With customers ranging from window and door manufacturer’s, all the way to the plastics/injection molding, and die industries, we specialize in being diverse!

Railroad: Battery boxes, eye bolts, battery boxes, brackets, hydraulic tanks, sub weldments, and Machined hubs and axles. We provide the Railroad industry with both maintenance repairs, and new replacement parts. Our fast turnaround time and convenient location in the Midwest allows us to always be able to provide the fastest service we can. 

Mining: With a specialty of serving Silica Sand Mines, we provide cutting edges, skid steer backing plates, replacement wear parts, shafts, pulleys, gear boxes, Fuel Tanks, dump truck ears, and attrition scrubbers. We also provide the unique ability to be able to paint and install most of the parts we produce, making us the 1 stop shop for the mining industry. 

Agriculture: We support Agriculture both locally, and nationally. Our quick turnaround means we can fix break downs and keep farmers farming. We are also skilled in making precision parts per print for OEM’s in agriculture.

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