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There are many reasons to select us for long and short runs when it comes to custom CNC machining for tool making, model making and prototyping. Our machinists have 20+ years experience each in tool making, model making and prototyping. We commonly machine plastics, tool steels and other metals for clients across the entire United States. All of our machining centers are late model American made machines which insure a level of accuracy & compatibility while limiting down time. We understand the urgency of timely machining and are small enough to perform with a standard of precise productions.



The Bystronic Bystar 4025-8M machine has a cutting area of 315” long X 98” wide (8000 mm X 2500 mm) that allows us to not only process large parts but also provides our customers with extend ‘lights out’ cutting. This laser is powered with a 6000 Co2 laser which is able to process 1” of mild steel, 1/2” of stainless steel and .625” of aluminum. With positioning accuracy of +/- 0.010” and repeatability of +/- 0.002”, this capable large format laser can be depended on to process high quality parts. And, with speeds up to 1969 inches per minute, it can process those parts at industry-leading speeds. Bloomer’s Bystar uses the industry’s most advanced software – BySoft 7, powered by Solidworks, programs the machine to assure highest quality while producing parts at the lowest cost per part possible. 



Our machinists have 50+ years experience in tool making, model making, and prototyping using the most up to date Mastercam software.

  • Cat 50 & Cat 40 vertical mills

  • Largest table size X50"x Y20"x Z25" with roller set up to accommodate longer parts in X travel.

  • 4th axis capabilities

  • High pressure coolant capabilities

  • Custom work holding and fixture design

  • MasterCam 3D programming 

  • Small quantity to large quantity runs



20” diameter / 40” length capability. Equipped with bar feeder, 2” bar capacity. Great for weld studs, bungs, bushings, roller tooling, hubs, and holding tight tolerance turned parts.


(NEW) Mitsubishi 10' 150 ton high precision 7-axis fully ground uppers/lowers, hydraulic clamping Wilson tool dies, programmed off line with DiamondBEND software. JMT 12' 240 ton high precision with full graphic Delem control.



Bloomer offers our customers the industry’s preferred Powder Coating. 

Powder coating is a coating process that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder substance.  Unlike conventional liquid paint which is applied with a evaporating solvent, powder coating is applied electrostatically and subsequently cured under a thermal process.  Powder Coating is typically chosen when a tougher coating is required than conventional paint.

CNC PLASMA TABLE - Hypertherm Hyspeed 130 amp O2 plasma, cuts up to 1 1/8” plate with the plasma and cuts 5”+ with the torch. 6’ x 12’ table size.
BLASTING - Large outside dustless blasting available. Using glass bead/ coal slag different grit sizes to achieve profiles required.
ENGINEERING - Our on staff engineers are capable of your short runs to large volume runs, including repeat runs with our “SolidWorks” drawings software and engineering skill set.
Fabrication - Our shop has large fabrication capabilities for any size job - from initial idea to finished projects, small or large, our craftsmen and designers make it happen. Custom aluminum/steel/Stainless steel/sheet metal fabrication, (2) overhead cranes with 24’ pick heights, 130’ length. 40,000 lbs combined lift.
LOGISTICS - Our shop has an unlimited region that we service with our machine and fabrication shop. Shipping local and nationwide, with 1-ton trucks/trailers for delivery.
Quality - ISO: 9001:2015, PPAP’s, First Article Inspections, Calibrated Inspection Tools.
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