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Welding Services
CNC Press Brake
Laser Cutting and Etching


CNC Vertical Mills -


Haas VF-4 50” x 20” x 25” machining center, Haas VF-3 40” x 20” x 20” machining center. Haas VF-0E 30” x 16” x 20” vertical machining center. Optional 4th axis rotary table. Our machinists have 20+ years experience each in tool making, model making and prototyping. We commonly machine plastics, tool steels and other metals. All of our machining centers are late model American made machines which insure a level of accuracy & compatibility while limiting down time.

CNC Press Brake -


CNC Press Brake- 2012 240 ton x 12' JMT with full graphic Delem control. Capacity dependent on tooling width and material type.

CNC Turret Lathes -


2004 Haas SL-20 equipped with bar feeder, 2” bar capacity, Machinist has 10+ years experience, great for weld studs, bungs, bushings, roller tooling and hubs.

CNC Plasma & Oxy-fuel Cutting Tables -


2011 Hypertherm Hyspeed 130 amp O2 plasma cuts up to 1 1/8” plate with the plasma and cuts 5”+ with the torch. 6' x 12' table size. We commonly cut frame members here prior to welding, bending or machining. Our maximum material weight is about 5000lbs.

WELDING Services -


Welding services - Our shop has a 5’ x 17’ t-slot table area for jigging and fixturing weldments. The owner has 19 years hands on experience producing weldments and Hydraulic tanks for large equipment manufacturers. We also specialize in welding stainless and aluminum by GTAW or GMAW methods.



Check in with us for other services offered that may not be mentioned here...

CO2 Laser -


Bystronic Bystar 4025-8M has a cutting area 315" long by 98" wide. It is capable of cutting 1" mild steel, 5/8" aluminum, and 1/2 stainless steel.

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